Accidental Podcast Podcast

A weekly candid discussion between two relative strangers. They didn’t mean for this to happen.

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    45 - Guy Drunk At Bar, LLC

    Keenan and Klein discuss villainous iceberg lettuce, Valentine’s Day, gumball machines, Changwat Surat Thani. They also answer a listener-submitted question: “If you were going to become an entrepreneur, what type of business would you start?”

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    44 - I'm Feeling Tramadol.

    Keenan and Klein discuss occupational lethargy, back pain, healthcare, and videogame narratives.

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    43 - Super Fat Into Zelda

    Keenan and Klein return after a long hiatus because of [SPOILERS]. They discuss dating apps, inheriting Pokémon save files, and putting a hat on a T-Rex. Super Fat Into Zelda

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    Keenan and Klein discuss bottle openers, subscription hipster boxes, Keenan’s road trip, huckleberries, the great outdoors, mother’s thumb, nazis, and object permanence.

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    41 - Gilbert Gottfried's ASMR

    Keenan and Klein discuss their creeping Alzheimer’s, Epcot balls, America’s dongle, leaving Disneyworld a man, side podcasts, Keenan’s racial epithets, follower-hunting, being the office fat guy, and localized anxiety disorder.

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    40 - Identity Fluid

    Keenan and Klein discuss Klein’s brush with a moth-y death, AirPods (yep, again), fidget spinners, doctors, teeth shaming, legacy, identity, and Canadians.

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    39 - I Am Robin Williams' Body Hair

    Keenan drank A LOT, and then Keenan and Klein talked about their absence, their Facebook anniversary, #StraightPrideDay, [REDACTED], Baby Driver, Vacation Days, “APPisodes”, Back Hair, and PUPUBG.

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    38 - Fully Saturated Gay People


    Very Late 1 Year Anniversary!

    WE WERE WRONG Breitbart gave the awkward interview, not InfoWars. But, is there really a difference?

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    37 - The Worst Internet Person

    Keenan and Klein discuss responsible food service, confusing heroin use for new parenthood, and then break their own rule against talking about technology.

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