Accidental Podcast Podcast

A weekly candid discussion between (three?) relative strangers. They didn’t mean for this to happen.

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    55 - Spoopy is Poopy

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss "spoopy", self-promotion, parenting, and when impostor syndrome proves true.

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    54 - Dippin' Her Toes in the Murder Waters

    Keenan nearly dies at Whataburger. KLEIN REALLY ENJOYS SPIDER-MAN THE VIDEO GAME. Nate almost lost his family to The Sims.

    Also, weird child YouTube is a thing that Nate and Klein know about.

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    53 - Marie Callender's in a Kiln

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate follow up on their previous food challenge and reflect on food that is a tradition in their class. Klein meets an untimely end.

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    52 - Jeff Sessions Has It Figured Out

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss Klein's doppelgänger, nazi soul cycling, dentist confessionals, shrieking Gnarls Barkley, and Peanut Butter-based weird recipes.

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    51 - Tick My Science Box

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss the gentrification of urban neighborhoods by insects, vacations and back injuries, and college and how it benefits your career. Oh, and also they watch YouTube videos. For a podcast. Sure. Why not.

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    50 - Bill Gates is also a kazoo.

    Keenan keeps trying to die, the boys discuss seafood, Vancouver native — Susan Shi, Velveeta cheese film, dream careers, Heroes, and Bill Gates, the kazoo.

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    49 - Yogi Berra the Baseball Bear

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss the end of our podcast, Keenan’s “near-death” experience, spoilers, the hack Mitch Hedberg, the Iran Deal, and Cosby’s last meal.

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    46 - If it's Broke, Why Fix It?

    Keenan and Klein discuss their final episode, flavors of Diet Coke, how flipping a coin works, what each think of the other, and what each thinks the other thinks of them.

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