Accidental Podcast Podcast

A weekly candid discussion between two relative strangers. They didn’t mean for this to happen.

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    41 - Gilbert Gottfried's ASMR

    Keenan and Klein discuss their creeping Alzheimer’s, Epcot balls, America’s dongle, leaving Disneyworld a man, side podcasts, Keenan’s racial epithets, follower-hunting, being the office fat guy, and localized anxiety disorder.

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    40 - Identity Fluid

    Keenan and Klein discuss Klein’s brush with a moth-y death, AirPods (yep, again), fidget spinners, doctors, teeth shaming, legacy, identity, and Canadians.

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    39 - I Am Robin Williams' Body Hair

    Keenan drank A LOT, and then Keenan and Klein talked about their absence, their Facebook anniversary, #StraightPrideDay, [REDACTED], Baby Driver, Vacation Days, “APPisodes”, Back Hair, and PUPUBG.

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    38 - Fully Saturated Gay People


    Very Late 1 Year Anniversary!

    WE WERE WRONG Breitbart gave the awkward interview, not InfoWars. But, is there really a difference?

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    37 - The Worst Internet Person

    Keenan and Klein discuss responsible food service, confusing heroin use for new parenthood, and then break their own rule against talking about technology.

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    35 - Derailed by Misogyny

    Keenan and Klein talk job interviews, Klein’s last name, the Kardashians, D&D follow-up, waving farewell to BruiseLion™, LEGO, The Sims, and how Klein very much has a dog and has never been wrong about that.

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    34 - ::I piledrive you::

    Keenan and Klein discuss Klein’s perpetual illness, Dungeons and Dragons, MMO vs single player games, FURCADIA, AOL chatroom RPGs, and LiveJournal.

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    33 - Marvel's 7th Heaven

    Keenan and Klein discuss Red Bull Yellow, papayanapples, Klein’s dog, Keenan’s need to address some things, Instagram, tiny wives, drinking vodka through your eyes, superheroes, Lou Bega, 7th Heaven, ANTS.

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    32 - It's a Slow Abduction

    Keenan and Klein talk about video games that enrage Klein, movies they are supposed to like, conspiracy theories, FAKE NEWS, and Twitter people yelling at robots.

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