Accidental Podcast Podcast

A weekly candid discussion between (three?) relative strangers. They didn’t mean for this to happen.

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    56 - Toxic Crashulinity

    The boys talk about the Post-Crash era, flu strains, and sarsaparilla.

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    55 - Spoopy is Poopy

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss "spoopy", self-promotion, parenting, and when impostor syndrome proves true.

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    54 - Dippin' Her Toes in the Murder Waters

    Keenan nearly dies at Whataburger. KLEIN REALLY ENJOYS SPIDER-MAN THE VIDEO GAME. Nate almost lost his family to The Sims.

    Also, weird child YouTube is a thing that Nate and Klein know about.

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    53 - Marie Callender's in a Kiln

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate follow up on their previous food challenge and reflect on food that is a tradition in their class. Klein meets an untimely end.

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    52 - Jeff Sessions Has It Figured Out

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss Klein's doppelgänger, nazi soul cycling, dentist confessionals, shrieking Gnarls Barkley, and Peanut Butter-based weird recipes.

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    51 - Tick My Science Box

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss the gentrification of urban neighborhoods by insects, vacations and back injuries, and college and how it benefits your career. Oh, and also they watch YouTube videos. For a podcast. Sure. Why not.

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    50 - Bill Gates is also a kazoo.

    Keenan keeps trying to die, the boys discuss seafood, Vancouver native — Susan Shi, Velveeta cheese film, dream careers, Heroes, and Bill Gates, the kazoo.

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    49 - Yogi Berra the Baseball Bear

    Keenan, Klein, and Nate discuss the end of our podcast, Keenan’s “near-death” experience, spoilers, the hack Mitch Hedberg, the Iran Deal, and Cosby’s last meal.

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    46 - If it's Broke, Why Fix It?

    Keenan and Klein discuss their final episode, flavors of Diet Coke, how flipping a coin works, what each think of the other, and what each thinks the other thinks of them.

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    45 - Guy Drunk At Bar, LLC

    Keenan and Klein discuss villainous iceberg lettuce, Valentine’s Day, gumball machines, Changwat Surat Thani. They also answer a listener-submitted question: “If you were going to become an entrepreneur, what type of business would you start?”

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    44 - I'm Feeling Tramadol.

    Keenan and Klein discuss occupational lethargy, back pain, healthcare, and videogame narratives.

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    43 - Super Fat Into Zelda

    Keenan and Klein return after a long hiatus because of [SPOILERS]. They discuss dating apps, inheriting Pokémon save files, and putting a hat on a T-Rex. Super Fat Into Zelda

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    Keenan and Klein discuss bottle openers, subscription hipster boxes, Keenan’s road trip, huckleberries, the great outdoors, mother’s thumb, nazis, and object permanence.

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    41 - Gilbert Gottfried's ASMR

    Keenan and Klein discuss their creeping Alzheimer’s, Epcot balls, America’s dongle, leaving Disneyworld a man, side podcasts, Keenan’s racial epithets, follower-hunting, being the office fat guy, and localized anxiety disorder.

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    40 - Identity Fluid

    Keenan and Klein discuss Klein’s brush with a moth-y death, AirPods (yep, again), fidget spinners, doctors, teeth shaming, legacy, identity, and Canadians.

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    39 - I Am Robin Williams' Body Hair

    Keenan drank A LOT, and then Keenan and Klein talked about their absence, their Facebook anniversary, #StraightPrideDay, [REDACTED], Baby Driver, Vacation Days, “APPisodes”, Back Hair, and PUPUBG.

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    38 - Fully Saturated Gay People


    Very Late 1 Year Anniversary!

    WE WERE WRONG Breitbart gave the awkward interview, not InfoWars. But, is there really a difference?

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    37 - The Worst Internet Person

    Keenan and Klein discuss responsible food service, confusing heroin use for new parenthood, and then break their own rule against talking about technology.

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    35 - Derailed by Misogyny

    Keenan and Klein talk job interviews, Klein’s last name, the Kardashians, D&D follow-up, waving farewell to BruiseLion™, LEGO, The Sims, and how Klein very much has a dog and has never been wrong about that.

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    34 - ::I piledrive you::

    Keenan and Klein discuss Klein’s perpetual illness, Dungeons and Dragons, MMO vs single player games, FURCADIA, AOL chatroom RPGs, and LiveJournal.

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    33 - Marvel's 7th Heaven

    Keenan and Klein discuss Red Bull Yellow, papayanapples, Klein’s dog, Keenan’s need to address some things, Instagram, tiny wives, drinking vodka through your eyes, superheroes, Lou Bega, 7th Heaven, ANTS.

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    32 - It's a Slow Abduction

    Keenan and Klein talk about video games that enrage Klein, movies they are supposed to like, conspiracy theories, FAKE NEWS, and Twitter people yelling at robots.

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    31 - Oops! All Kernels Popcorn

    Keenan and Klein talk about cottage cheese sandwiches, spreadable ham, the sequel to The King’s Speech, best friends, jealous insecurity, making friends as a couple, the four loves, and infanticide.

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    29 - Osgood-Schlatter Door Buster Deals

    Keenan and Klein discuss Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, labor policies for running germ factories, Hollywood’s Bridges brothers, how nasal Keenan sounds, BEYONCÉ, Perez Hilton — host of the Hunger Games, delightful celebrity twitters, caricatures of accents, autographs, being starstruck, memory loss, and genetic disorders.

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    28 - Spanish Fleas and Flaming Cheese

    Keenan and Klein don’t talk about politics. They do talk about pee on seats, how inconsiderate everyone else is, and moonshine. Then, they gaze 20 years into the future.

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    27 - It is Weird That We Are Alive

    Keenan and Klein discuss “Love Metal”, aspartame, things on our desk, instinctual xenophobia, transaction reordering, ESPN lower-thirds, instinctual xenophobia, Dr. Rahm Immanuel, a fun story about Cancer, “Merlin Mannergy”, pizza chains, instinctual xenophobia, consciousness, object permanence, comma splices, and two Red Bulls.

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    26 - The Political Prescience of Avril Lavigne

    Keenan and Klein talk about Tostitos, Ska music, umlauts, dopplegangers, teleportation murder, peaceful protest, pacifism, the watering-down of the word “Nazi”, the evolution of the word “Trolling”, and Milo & Otis.

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    25 - Authentic Taco Bell

    Keenan and Klein talk Culinary Racism, and a lot about Mexican food. Then, they talk about gaslight suffocation, listening to political podcasts, Twitter, war-torn slums of Chicago. Klein rants about Chapstick. And they talk about you, our one Ukrainian listener. Yes, you.

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    24 - Reverse Bucket List

    Keenan and Klein talk OK Go, Inauguration Day, kids being creepy, A Monster Calls, the Quaid clan, bucket lists, John Wayne movies, road trips, Youtube piracy bypass, retirement, ISPs, going bald, the horror of timesheets, AirPods again (last time, promise), the Left Behind series, the Power Rangers movie, and our favorite M Night Shyamalan films.

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    23 - Snackcidental Podcast Podcast

    Keenan and Klein talk about Alanis Morrisette, their first explicit albums, the rise of nerdiness, SNACKS, books on their shelves, AirPods, dumb babies, AirPods some more, and wedding rings.

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    22 - New Year, Same Me, More Me

    Keenan and Klein are back in the new year. This time, they discuss salt water taffy, Wes Anderson films, Christmas and lying to your kids, heirloom Netflix, New Year's resolutions, and (again, sorry) gift giving.

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    21 - Co-host Abuse Hotline

    Keenan and Klein discuss Thanksgiving, Mello Yello Zero, gift giving, context-fenced personalities, living up to our internet identities, and mostly-under-baked thoughts.

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    20 - Heavyweight with Clint Manhole and Cuban Schneider

    Keenan and Klein discuss vaping, Chili’s food quality, a recipe for salsa?, telemarketers, regrets, grudges, a new Canadian multimedia file format, passionate zeal, how terrible other people are, reconciliation, and selfish impatience.

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    Keenan and Klein talk about the 2016 US Presidential Election results, but not for long. Promise. Then, completely unrelated, they discuss getting as far away from this earth as possible.

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    18 - Keenan Discovers Sports

    Keenan gets sucked into Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. Keenan and Klein discuss baseball, and you get a glimpse into un-filtered game reactions from a man who previously actively disliked organized athletics.

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    17 - The Bible 2: Book of Boogaloo

    Keenan and Klein get political. Sorry. But they also talk about The BerenstÆin bears, the giant squid that lives in Noah's Ark, the Eastern Island Aliens, a Wall•E—not Gattaca—society, Keenan's fondness for Halloween, and deep V-necks.

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    16 - Guided Napping with Dane Cook, Comedic Genius

    Keenan and Klein talk about Dik Diks, flight anxiety, meditation and/or napping, Steve Jobs' favorite movie, sleep paralysis, Tommy Wiseau's reboot of "The Truman Show", Keenan's dabbling in Wicca, and belief in ghosts.

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    15 - Keg Stands for Jesus

    Part two of Klein and Keenan's coming of age tales, looking at high school and college. Also Reince Priebus.

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    14 - I Hate Everything About You

    Keenan and Klein talk about middle school and high school, JNCO jeans, Hoobastank, tribalism, and social identities.

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    13 - In Defense of the Pontiac Aztek

    Keenan and Klein talk about getting to know your co-workers, their vast automotive knowledge, bad drivers, body image issues, and their high-school selves.

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    12 - Spiders from the Netherworld!

    Keenan and Klein talk about cubicle personalization, Assassin’s Creed, Australian independence (or not?), social media gurus, phobias, virtual reality, and spiders in video games.

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    11 - Wonky-Headed Bipedal Animals

    Keenan and Klein talk video games, No Man's Sky, and socialization during gaming with friends or significant others.

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    10 - Working for Tithes

    Keenan and Klein talk about job changing anxiety, impostor syndrome, the stigma of openly discussing salaries and wages, and the 2016 NFL Hall of Fame game.

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    09 - Fairy Doors and Evolutionary Ethics

    Keenan and Klein talk about travel, where "home" is, theodicy, natural law, evolutionary ethics, and spoil The Mist (2007) and Arlington Road (1999). Also, Klein knows Mila Kunis' stalker.

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    08 - Pathetic Brush with Fame

    Keenan and Klein talk about that time Klein was on a home renovation show, Dungeons and Dragons, that time Keenan was in a League of Legends documentary, that time Klein was on a Hemophilia documentary crew, and chasing fame.

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    07 - Hillbilly LARPing

    Keenan and Klein talk dinosaurs, chasing tornadoes, the Christian Rock version of Almost Famous, Civil War reenacting, Men in Black, Joss Whedon hate, and E.T.

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    05 - Going on a Paddle Quest

    Keenan and Klein discuss pets, world-shaping canoeing, coming of age, parents, and walking on eggshells as middle-class white men talking about social issues.

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    04 - Weather Balloon Corpse

    Keenan and Klein discuss getting old, raising kids, and turning into our parents.

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    03.5 - Too Pragmatic for a Bonus Episode

    BONUS EPISODE: Keenan and Klein dissect (read: rant) The Simpsons' fall from grace, and why Seinfeld is a good show—regardless of Keenan's opinion.

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    01 - Accidental Cannibal Podcast

    Keenan and Klein talk tattoos, appreciating your elders, family, making friends, and sifting through Triceratops shit.

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    00 - Oh, God. What Have We Done.

    Keenan and Klein discuss Myers-Briggs Personality tests, and light-hearted topics like Politics and Religion.

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